Using this image we have selected the area around the stockpile (red line) with a polygon tool, this provides the following;

Calculated Volume - 1,875.17 cubic yards
Maximum Height - 13.75 ft.
Calculated Area - 1,952.97 square yards

 The same process can be used to determine a void. So if you need to know how much fill material will be required in a depression area, we can also provide that information.

Safe Vision Stockpile Volumetrics
Safe Vision Stockpile Volumetrics

Volumetrics is the measurement of volume over a given area. This can be completed using software that processes images taken from an aerial view utilizing “Real Time Kinetics” (RTK). From the GPS information and the signal’s carrier wave a precise measurement of stockpiles on flat ground can be measured. The software Safe Vision uses claims a 1% accuracy on volume measurement.

In what was once a time consuming process with surveyors and expensive software, Safe Vision is capable of quickly (generally within 24 hours) and accurately determining the volume in a stockpile.

Here is an example of a gravel stock pile in which the volume was unknown to the customer.

A flyover was conducted in an hour’s time, taking multiple images that are input into the software, stitched together and the volume calculation is completed within 24 hours, express processing is available if required sooner (extra charges apply).